Award-Winning Major Market Voice-Over Artist

Associated with world class legends, easy to work with and versatile.  Carl G. has decades of professional experience in Voice Talent work for radio, television, broadcast station imaging, industrial reads, corporate presentations, corporate marketing, websites, and business phones.  He's a professional voice-actor who creates high impact impressions. Many have described his versatile voice-talent style as warm, authoritative, natural and friendly, yet powerful.

Award-Winning Creative & Production -Top Quality Digital Studio

Featuring a seasoned award winning pro with a track record as a master craftsman in the art of audio production.  Your productions will stand out, because nothing competes like experience.  World-Class Expertise!  From Broadcast Radio/TV commercials to CBTs (Computer Based Training), our walls are stacked with Addy Awards that speak for themselves. Let us help you win one too!

Free Audio Demos of Your Scripts!

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Local Market Pricing!

Major Market Quality Voice and Production with local or regional pricing.
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Live 2-way Phone Patch Sessions

At session time, we patch our entire studio audio "live" directly into your personal phone, so you can be in personal control of every aspect of the session. You will have the ability to interact with Carl and direct him yourself.  Try multiple styles, hear instant playback, and craft the perfect reads.  When you approve it, high quality audio is sent directly to you or broadcast stations within minutes via private client logon to CreativeTrax. It's easy and fast!

Instant Delivery via Private Client Login and FTP Download

Same Day!! High quality Broadcast Audio delivered directly to the stations you desire via your own private client login, which better insures privacy for you and your client's time-sensitive advertisements. Phone patch sessions can provide audio to stations within minutes of your approval!  Next Day service can be delivered via Fed-Ex or UPS.

Easy - Instant Scheduling

Because Carl G. owns a top quality, fully-loaded state-of-the-art production studio, there is no third party studio scheduling or lining up voice talent schedules. In many cases, he is able to do voice and audio production when you need it most - "Now"!  (or in rush cases he can have it done - "just before yesterday")!

State of the Art Top Quality Digital Audio Production Studio

State-of-art 24bit, 96Khz, 72 Stereo Track digital studio (with 8 layers per track and each track fully loaded with in line processing), a full compliment of over 200 high quality processing and effects plug-Ins and outboard processing and affects gear plus high quality studio microphones, monitors and headphones.  Most importantly, Carl G. is a seasoned pro who has a proven, long-standing track record of a master craftsman in the art of audio production.  Nothing competes like experience!