Voice Talent

Award-Winning Major Market Voice Talent

World class legends in music have repeatedly chosen Carl G. to represent them in most all their promotions. For instance, Carl produced and voiced commericials for Andy Williams for over 15  years.  Carl is an experienced versatile voice talent actor who is very easy to work with.  Many have describe Carl G. as: "A warm voice talent for radio commercials, a friendly voice talent for TV commercials, an authoritative voice talent for corporate presentations and business marketing, and a powerful a natural voice actor, as well as a personal voiceover imaging artist with a touch of power and classy excitement for broadcast radio and TV imaging.  Carl G. has a versatile voiceover style that will represent your clients naturally and communicate their message effectively.

Carl G. has decades of professional experience in Voice Talent work for commercials on radio and television, voiceovers for broadcast station imaging, voice talent work in industrial reads, voice-talent in corporate presentations, voice talent in corporate marketing reads, voice talent for websites, and even voice talent work for business phones. 

Carl G. is a professional voice-talent actor who creates high impact impressions. Many have described Carl's versatile voice-talent style as warm, authoritative, natural and friendly, yet powerful.  Plus, Carl gets it right the first time.